30 Haziran 2016 Perşembe


After I visited from Switzerland to enter this country, I went back to Switzerland to.
--- Appenzell Vaduz (42 km)

In this country 15 years ago, the palace remained the only castle on the hill gelmistim.akli my prince.
-This Rhein river from the capital city of letting geciyor.cevre looks like coke cevrelenmis.ısvicre Alp mountains.
Already languages ​​and currencies ayni.cok safe country.
-There Are also very African lives.
The City will stay very comfortable so small that half the geziliyor.asl day stay, even though I did not want that for my two places.
I returned to Sankt Margaretha`Y back.
I went back and read through from there Bregenz Lindau`Y.
In this town you will find very comfortable bike gezdim.özellikl the rhea keyifli.zat very edge of each side of the river in groups of cyclists.

Brux 1-Alter (old wooden bridge) except the very nice köprü.beto feet on each side of the river Rhein from above on the timber closed köprü.b from the old bridge can only be passed by bicycle or on foot.
2-The City var.sehr the center of beautiful houses on the parliament building and we continue to your relatives in the church's West görebilirsiniz.sehr 
3-up after visiting the vineyards and the university
4- Vaduz castle-palace: Search sire lived in pens made of wood and stone, and you can explore the giremiyorsunuz.ancak saray.ic surroundings.
Malbun mountain: Town on a number 21 bus every 45 minutes from the time I kalkiyor.y accompanied by the wonderful views over gidiyorsunuz.ayn have intermittent wooden house as our Black Sea highlands.
This is exquisite wood from wood from the ski resort hotel that has s.
In the last leg of your bus cable car Indigena tepe`y wooden house with views of the population consists of 9.80 cikabiliyorsunuz.tek exit from settlements in F.tepe very harika.tepe walking immediately.
If you walk 45 minutes down here inebiliyorsunuz.zam If your foot.
A-Steger: In a village below. On the left, a little walk down;
A: Steger sea (Stausee): Electricity produced by a blue mountain lake with alpine peaks göl.karl landscape with swan and ducks in the middle of yapabilirsiniz.göl walking on the edge muhtesem.göl built this hut.
I went on a ride from here to Switzerland Switzerland Sankt Margeriteý to and indicate.

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